Should I just sell my Street Fighter V game to a non-corporate game store due to it's current state, lacking all of it's important content of?

the franchise that it SHOULD HAVE had at launch date?

Last month, I just picked up Street Fighter V for the PS4 on a pre-ordered, midnight release only to later get very dissapointed of how half-assed and barbones this game is in content for Capcom's sake of competing for a gaming tournament this month for more money and delay all of their single-player content til June (at least only the fully-fledged story mode). They still haven't even confirmed if whether or not they'll add the Arcade mode and a 1P vs CPU versus mode to the game anytime soon.

Like seriously, what type of fighting game has NO arcade mode or a 1P vs CPU verus mode? It's ridiculous and a huge dick move on Capcom. That's like trying to buy a brand new 2016 Chevy Camaro with missing tires and other important car parts from a dealership at it's full $25k price!

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I'm honestly sick and tired of nearly all of my all-time favorite video game franchise getting torn apart by greedy assholes putting too much more emphasis on online multiplayer than on single-player content.


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