Why do people like UFC so much?

I personally think that due to the relative lack of rules or a point scoring system, it just ends up as wrestling on the ground. Its like watching a real fight between two people who aren't even drunk.

there's no sport to it. Like karate mutai boxing etc at least has entertainmemt value due to the techniques required to score points.
Even more entertaining is pro wrestling which is basically just mock fighting with a lot of choreography and drama so even though its completely fake, its still a lot more entertaining than ufc.

Ufc is rigged sometimes too.


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  • Well, I personally prefer boxing, but i'll disagree anyway.

    It IS true that GnP and BJJ end up being a large proportion of most fights, and if you're not into that, well you're gonna keep wishing they stood up, in which case boxing or K-1 is more for you.

    There is a lot of technique to bjj, and there's technique to implementing a GnP game while trying to improve position on the ground.


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  • The reason it's so popular is the lack of rules, or some would call them limitations. When you're in a fight and you limit what they can do e. g. in boxing you can only use punches, in muay Thai you can only fight stand up etc. you just limit the fight.

    If you don't know much about grappling and you've never done it before yourself it's hard to understand what's going on and to get bored of it because you just think it's two men rolling around, but Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a very effective martial art and there's a lot of skill to it.

    The original idea behind the UFC was to test different martial arts against each other, so you had boxers, kickboxers, karate practitioners, wrestlers etc. Royce Gracie was the Brazilloan Jiu Jitsu guy. He destroyed anybody he fought because they had no idea how to grapple on the ground the way he did, and he could destroy men much bigger than him because BJJ uses more technique, skill and leverage than any other martial art and was prettyy much designed for the smaller fighter to be able to beat a bigger, stronger opponent. I'm a small guy myself and I've beaten guys literally twice my size easily with BJJ, if we stood and traded shots they'd knock me out quickly but on the floor I could snap their arms or strangle them to sleep.

  • UFCer here.
    A long time ago it used to be purists fighting purists.
    So it was a lot like Tekken, where a kickboxer would fight a kung fu specialist. Then along came Royce Gracie, and won fight after fight, and really ruined what (in my opinion) was a really great sport.

    Over the years its evolved into what you see now. Muai Thai and JuJitsu MMA with little else. And it all doesn't matter, cause the guy who wins and gets all the attention is the guy who pleasures Dana White the best.

    And I don't know about rigged (haven't made up my mind yet), but I know for sure I've seen fighters throw their fights. Ronda Rousey most recently.

    Anyway, its still interesting/ entertaining to see the trends in the ring. And what tactics a fighter uses when paired with different opponents.

    • Yeah but before Royce (and during Royce) it was rather barbaric. I mean yeah it was more pure but you had big motha fuckas fighting little motha fuckas. It was like mortal kombat. There's no way in hell it could last too long without better rules and regulations.

      You think Ronda threw her fight? Why? Do you realize that Holm has won many boxing championships? Ronda tried to get the arm bar on her and Holm luckily escaped.

    • @Joc4Position Nothing against Holly, she is a hell of a fighter. And I think she would have won even if Ronda did want to win. But she very clearly did not. She stood in that ring with Holy and somehow forgot every Judo lesson she ever had? You see Holly jump out of the way when Ronda charged her like a Agent Smith? That wasn't Ronda, that was an actress who needed to get out of the ring to go make shitty movies.

      I'm not saying she got paid to take a dive, but I am saying she got in that ring and didn't really want to win. Thats called throwing a fight.

    • She did Judo throw her one time though right? Still as good as Ronda is at that (an Olympian mind you) she should have easily thrown Holly to the ground. That did seem strange. She also had zero guard whatsoever.

      She felt really shitty about it afterwards. She said she thought about committing suicide. I don't know if that was an act or not, but in any case Miesha I've always known could beat anybody in the division but Ronda. Ronda is the only girl who can beat her. Though now the UFC got Cyborg so we'll see.

  • Yeah I understand that argument. I think it's a sport, but it's not true martial arts to me.

    WWE is NOT more entertaining than the UFC. Now WWF? You might have a case there.

    As far as rigging I'd have to say if it's left up to the judges they are bias sometimes. I agree.

    I still like watching it, but again I treat it as another sport. Not really martial arts.

    Personally boxing is better, but boxing doesn't have the superstars it once had so I don't really watch it that much. I like Wilder and Floyd (though now he's retired).

  • I like it because it combines other form of fighting into it. There is nothing to say you can't do kick boxing or muay thai or karate in UFC. In fact, a lot of UFC fighters have to have a core background in one of those styles.

    The whole thing tend to get into a ground fight because it is easier to win with a submission than a knockout. Also, if you are weaker than the other guy in striking powder, speed or technique then you will want to drag him into a ground fight where stamina and strength will play a bigger role. If you are of the same weight-class then your strength and stamina will roughly be similar so it will boil down to submission technique - which is far easier to focus on when the other guy is just better than you.

  • There is a point system. They evaluate overall striking, overall ground fighting, and overall offense/defense.

    And in no way is it a real real fight. So many techniques-like small joint manipulation-is banned, among a few other techniques deemed "dirty" In a real fight-when your life is on the line-it don't matter.

    Then again, its fan base turned me away from the sport, as they are just a bunch of douches who watch one fight and think they know it all.

    Though I'll still follow Lyoto Machida, one of the best stand up and ground fighters out there.

    And as he said "my job isn't to entertain, its to win"

    • Can't agree more with the fan base comment.
      You hit a bar with the PPV on and its like a Ed Hardey/Axe body spray convention.

      Long live The Dragon!

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    • And I love true sportsman. Someone who is technically excellent, and efficient. More over someone who is humble in both victory and defeat.

      Machita is one. George was one. Matt Hughes... You get the idea. On the other hand I have nothing but contempt for the walking piles of shit; the Diaz brothers, McGregor, Jon Jones, Chael Sonnen, these people have no place in a ring with a real fighter like Machita. They dirty his fists.

    • @Bobba_Fett I like the Diaz brothers and Jones but you're right. They aren't martial arts. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ plain and simple. They are fighters, but not martial artists. Machita is a real martial artist. GSP was too.

  • Because punching.

  • I just like watching people get knocked out


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