Rate a beginner artist?

So a few days ago I asked this same question with my first drawing of a character I made: Lucille.Rate a beginner artist?
I got some good feedback, some bad feedback, a LOT of helpful criticizim, and some not so helpful criticizim... But I took in mind what you said and drew my second drawing of Lucille.Rate a beginner artist?
What do you think?
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Please remember that I am only 14 and a beginner artist... I'm doing this for fun, not a job... I just want some feedback...


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  • Aight, Im going to be honest mate, The drawings themselves are not incredible. But, Thats obviously completely to be expected, Like you said, You are young and just starting out.

    But, Clearly you have potential and im sure if you stick at it you could grow up to be a great drawer.

    Sorry if i sounded a little harsh or anything, I am just trying, When i did my art GCSE exams at school, And almost applied for the course at college, I saw some extremely talented artists in those few years, So, my standard of great art is probably too high, Haha.

    but, Dont worry matey, Everyone improves with time as they learn new techniques and such, Heck, I have been drawing since i was 7 or 8 and im still finding new ways to do stuff, Its a good hobby.

    All the best matey!.

    • I just started drawing this year, so I'm really new

    • Looking at the eyes you did, Have you ever considered going in the direction of drawing Anime / Manga? Its probably one of the most socially popular art forms nowadays. I realise its not for everyone (I personally am not the biggest anime fan), But, Its just your eyes and art style seems like you might like it.

      I mean, Look at your eye compared to an Anime eye.


      As you can see, You have the right shape and such, Just need to try and work on your shading and depth and detail and such, Obviously, This is all skills you can learn over time.

      I also realise the picture of that anime girl, May seem incredibly itimitading as its pretty good art, But dont forget that was drawn on a computer, Hand drawn anime can also look very good though.

      I mean for a relatively basic example -

      Just a suggestion of course, I just feel like that may suit your arty style matey!.

  • For someone just starting out and at your age it's not bad, it's not the best but it's not bad, keep practicing and you'll turn into a fine artist yet =].

  • Those teeth look scary intimidating!

  • you suck. but i guess you are young.

    • That's really mean. I'm 14 and this is my second drawing... I'm not going to be perfect...

    • get used to meanness bratt. your ego will be completely destroyed before you reach 30. start getting used to it from now.
      and i advise you find a mentor to guide you. you'll develop faster... .

    • . . . and i advise you find a psychologist to guide you. You'll recover from your anger problems faster. . ..

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