My idea for a shock game, "Trigger Warning". What do you think?

I'm an aspiring independent game developer, and it seems very difficult to come up with something that will be successful. My wild idea is a game that would largely market itself with shock value and offensiveness, similar to the Grand Theft Auto series, but a farther attempt to overcome a market desensitized to shock value. It's about a serial killer that goes around hunting women. If it had depth, there would be many ways to do this, many weapons, etc, but the signature would be to threaten victims with a gun, and warn them that you will pull the trigger if they don't do something stupid, shocking or ridiculous.
Get it? Trigger warning.
Why just women? Because men get killed all the time and nobody cares. It has become tolerated in games like GTA to beat up hookers, because not just women are killed. Virtually ever war sim is killing purely men. In this game, the serial killer could be female, that doesn't matter. Or it could be a gay man killing men, but almost everyone would skip that option. The shock value and offensiveness is the focusing on women thing in the current environment. It would have a bit of a twisted comedy aspect to it, kind of like the game Postal.
  • Awesome idea. Go for it. Capitalism baby!
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  • Sick. Go die somewhere.
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  • I don't care, but you and the game would get banned
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  • I'm not into games but love horror movies. I might play this if it was story based and I could play on an iPad.

  • Ask /pol/ to crowd fund it for you.

  • Why not add children too. Make it even more "shocking". 😒

    • That's already been done. Violence against children is literally as old as grimm's fairy tales, anyway.

    • It's not prominent in video games. What's been done is violence against men and women. That's rampant.

    • Not equally. It overwhelmingly leans towards men, and that is a carry over from reality.

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