How to turn this simile into a metaphor or analogy?

I need some help, I'm trying to turn these similes into metaphors but I'm unable to, can someone please help me out?

These are the similes:

We walk past each other like strangers

Because whispering in your ear, was like screaming to the world

Thanks for helping! :)


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  • We walk past each other like strangers: We are stragners walking


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  • The first one will sound like an old saying but it fits here pellet ry good " two ships passing in the night."

    The second one however is tricky. You may it like or use it but maybe it will give you an idea. " whispering in your ear was pointless, as it was obvious the world already knew what I would say."
    English wasn't by better subjects but maybe these will at least give you something else to kick around

    • Mhmm I remember hearing that, thanks!
      I need it to be short, what you are saying makes sense but I think it's too long, thanks a lot though ! :)

    • Any time.

    • Thank you..

  • A metaphor is a simile without using the words "like" or "as"

    We are strangers walking past each other

    Because whispering in your ear was screaming to the world

    I'm not 100% but I'm pretty sure those would work

    • They thanks! I really like the first :) Not so sure about the second one though, thanks a lot though! :)

  • We were strangers passing each other.

    Because whispering in your ear was a scream to the world.

  • First one converted to a metaphor: As we walked past each other we were two ships passing in the night.


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