Do you agree that 21st Century ROCK music sounds less manly and less edgy than 80s POP?

80s Pop:

21st Century “Rock”:

Seems like not only Pop…but even Rock music sounds totally unmanly and lame in our days…
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  • You're going to sit there and say 80's pop was more manly, well then I'm going to present you with this.

    Still think that way?

    • Well bad example since I'm not a big fan of Wham or George Michael... but OVERALL yeah...

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    • It's still better than most 80's pop. Although I can't listen to most modern rock but at the same time I can't listen to most 80's pop either.

    • Personally I just can't get 21st century music... even shittiest 80s pop bands like Bros or Simply Red... sound kinda better than mainstream pop, rock or wotever...

  • There's still some pretty good rock around, listen to Vektor Black future pretty good album in my opinion it's thrash metal but that's a subgenre of rock.

    • Thrash Metal was even shit in previous decades... I lean towards AOR/Glam Metal direction from Rock subgenres...

    • Nah thrash metal is amazing shit and good hardcore rock material, you might like vektor black future I swear it's the shit.

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  • It's cuz everyone stopped doing hard drugs and drinking.

    • Yeah... most musicians in our days are chicken...

    • But I like the foo fighters tho, so.

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  • You're not listening to the right music. Listen to the Drones, Pile, Swans, Jack White, Deep Sea DIver, Modest Mouse, even the Black Keys or Arctic Monkeys.
    You want edgy? Listen to David Bowie's last album.
    Also Marilyn Manson's still at it. The Pale Emperor was bad ass.

    • Never understood how people like Black Keys or Arctic Monkeys... weird..

    • Algiers, Protomartyr, Asaf Avidan & the Mojos, Gogol Bordello, Bo Ningen, the Veils. I'm listing these, but I know you're gonna refuse to like any of them.
      Nine Inch Nails' the Slip was fuckin great.
      Also Godspeed You! Black Emperor's still got it. Listen to them

    • Among those ya listed I know only Gogol Bordello... and I've listened to 'em... they made no sense to me...

      Also I know Nine Inch Nails... but after listenin' to a few songs of 'em... nope...

      Why should I refuse and not just dislike? Those Indie, Alternative bands or wotever they wanna be called are definitely no match to those Rock bands I listen to, like REO Speedwagon, Styx, Big Country, Rainbow or Golden Earring... well our tastes are different... I cannot help it...

  • Not sure what makes you think this... kinda like how I don't understand why people go on saying that "hipster music" sounds "gay" (usually referring to more modern alternative/indie acts).

    Being a musician, I typically find that these types of artists are the only ones that really do anything remotely artistic or interesting anymore, and they usually have something meaningful/thoughtful to say.

    I don't know, music isn't really about being a tough guy... I think music is sounding a lot more "progressive" as of late, including Pop music, in ways and I personally dig it a lot. Lots of refreshing sounds coming out as of late...

    • Alternative and Indie artists are even worse than Pop... they're worse since they're pretentious as fuck... they think they do quality music... but their music's like a turd... they're just strummin' some Acoustic Guitars which's nothing special...

      They'll never match 80s production techniques... have ya actually listened to any 80s actual Rock albums?

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    • The 1975 eh? I've seen people here mentionin' em... I listened to both... but not much...

      First song from Angels and Airwaves was better among those ya posted though...

    • Yeah, The 1975 is pretty massive, but are just outside of the "mainstream" I would say... but I know quite a few people that don't really like them either.

      I really like that Angels... song, has a bit of a prog-influence I would say. Wish more bands drew from 80's prog...

      I don't know, some music just hits people differently... I don't think music is in a bad spot by any means, you just tend to have to look a little out of your way to find the good stuff that isn't the typical drivel.

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