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Prefer positive comments since gag is having an influx of negatives.
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  • I think the vocals pretty much ruin it.

    • Hmm well... its
      Time-Inception its a piano song and many people have created remixes of it.

    • I knew what it was a remix of. Just the original piece gave off a lot of emotion and kind of had this feel of being about something more than words can describe. By reducing it to being about something that can be captured in words, to me it's effectively dumbing it down.

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  • It's not my type of music, so it is kind of difficult for me to judge it. If I judged based on what I like, I would rate it as bad, but that could be just since it is outside what I listen to and enjoy.

    I tend to be more of rock / metal listener. I actually do appreciate some electronic stuff like "Energy Drink" by Virtual Riot due to it's melodic line and similarities to metal. However, the song listed is out of my genre range. I chose D.

    • I like this. This reminds m of what old daft punk could've been before they did their foray into like 80s French pop or whatever it was.

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    • ... are you putting it out on soundcloud or youtube or smthn? ... is it kinda weird I wanna hear the finished product? I'm sorry, lol, but I'm intrigued. Like, I'm a sucker for rock remakes of really nice melodies or orchestral things. When the advent children ost dropped I had an eargasm for like, a straight week off of it.

    • @fondue We are actually working on an a full album worth of original music, so assuming I hear back from the owners of Energy Drink's copyright shtuff, I plan on putting it on the album.

      It may be awhile, but it will be on youtube most likely when it is done and recorded!

  • I'm not too much into dubstep, especially when the song is slow, and they add this fast paced dubstep style, it's like I don't know what I should feel.
    I like EDM a lot, but not too much into dubstep.
    I've heard quite a few remixes of this song, and this is my favorite.

    • Very ambient, i like it. Two years ago i played piano like a champ and came up with my own version with extra notes and it sounded gorgeous. I liked your contribution the most, thank you:)

    • You should've recorded your version and uploaded it to YouTube, that would have been great.

  • I could do without the vocals and if they made it a trap version, I'd probably jizz my pants on the spot

  • I tried. I liked the bit til 1.26 then I couldn't do it anymore. It's not the sandpaper to the brain feeling I get from just noisy dubstep but her weird uhuhuhuh. And the bits after that.

  • Ooh man I like it
    it did get a bit annoying 1:30-2:23 cause of the repetition but overall nice

  • Shiit maan finially someone who listens to this! ^_^ the scale is 9/10 and love airwave music, free songs to use, goblins from Mars 😄

  • It's not bad.

  • I love hans zimmer

  • I like it ^^


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