Where would you want to see this art in an expo/museum?


I want you to write where/ in which kind of room you want to see this art (see picture). Like do you want to put it before a room so it looks like it stands outside for example... Let me know :) Where would you want to see this art in an expo/museum?


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  • I feel like this photograph belongs with a body of work. It doesn't seem like it stands alone, so if there were other photographs that went along with it and helped with the interpretation, I think it would be more effective in a gallery setting, if that was the objective. Just by itself, it looks like the artist was just trying to make a typical photograph look cool by flipping it upside down, and I'm just what the meaning behind that was. As for the type of gallery it would be featured in, a fine art or contemporary gallery in an urban area would work.

  • In a room that houses surrealist works.

    • this art has it's 'own' room, but i dont now where i should place a window the best and how etc... :)

    • Single, standalone easel? Or you could really kick up the surrealism and do a fake window like you said. That would be pretty cool.

    • Maybe place the window directly in the back of the room?

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