Why fans get so defensive, when I call their favorite singer or musician gay?

I really hate it when I go to a YouTube video to post a comment about him being gay... and everytime it happens I get attacked by his fans... they should let me have ma opinion... after all I have solid evidence about him being gay...


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  • Because instead of focusing on music, you focus on something that can be used as a propaganda tool for promotion of homosexuality.
    There are plenty of faggots everywhere yapping about themselves on every corner; do you think folks want to see that while listening to their favorite music as well?

  • Are they actually gay or are you using it as a derogatory term?

    • I just assume...

    • That's really stupid guy. Adults don't go around just calling groups gay. That's seriously a remark a 12 year old uses.

    • But I have solid facts for him!!!

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  • Well... Unless they're actively in a relationship with the same sex, or have openly announced they are, then they're not gay.

  • Because they don't understand that not everyone shares their opinion?

    • But also... you calling people gay, can be seen as an insult. For example,
      Justin Bieber
      You could either say "I gave Justin Bieber a try and listened to this song right here, but it didn't do it for me. I guess this music isn't for me, personal preference"

      OR you could say

      "Justin Bieber sucks, he's gay"

      Guess which comment will get the most hate

    • Why people assume Justin Bieber automatically?

      No it wasn't him... it's a singer popular in ma country only...

    • I'm not assuming things, I was giving an Example

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  • The fact that you say someone is gay like it's a insult or bad thing, IS rude and yes, will make people get angry. My best friend is gay and it annoys me when people think it's somehow bad to be gay. So it all depends on HOW you are saying it.

  • "Why do crazy fans act crazy?"
    ... because they're crazy...

    "They should let me have my opinion".
    Them attacking you isn't stopping you from having your opinion. They can't stop you, so saying they should "let" you is a moot point. Grow some thicker skin and suck it up.

    "I have solid evidence"
    I'm sure this is all a joke anyways, but good for you. Lol

  • I don't get how calling a musician gay is relevant when he/she should be judged on their talent. His/her sexuality doesn't matter one bit.

  • First of all, gay is not an insult so, if you said that about my favorite musician i would just ignore your homophobic ass. You also said " after all i have solid evidence about him being gay" oh really? Do you know him personally? Did he come out and personally tell you he's gay? No he hasn't so next time just keep your mouth shut please.

    • HE'S homophobic... not me...

      And being so much homophobic but dressin' like gay... made me assume he's...

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