Know any good films?

Hey guys! Who of you have any film recommendations? Or what's your favorite film? I really like Charlie Kaufman films - they're always quite... interesting, haha. And my 2 fav films of the moment are Mr Nobody and Whiplash.


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  • you seen anomalisa yet it's not as good as synecdoche new york but still good.
    some other good films are: fight club, se7en, the raid 1 and 2, ex machina, pulp fiction, city of god, the intouchables basically anything on this is great:


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  • Spirited away
    The disappearance of haruhi suzumiya


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  • Not a film maybe but one piece is real good

  • I'm a huge film nerd I'd recommend bird man

    • Haha me too. Yeah have seen that one already. Fucking great

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    • No I've been really sick lately 🙈 Last movie I got out to see was bat man vs super man but I'm watching dope later today

    • By the way, if you are a real filmnerd, i have a tip for you. Look up Alex van Warmerdam. He is a dutch filmmaker and he is really awesome. De Noordelingen is one of his first films, and is real good and absurd. It should probably be somewhere on the internet with English subtitles.

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