Where can I watch The Walking Dead season 6?

Yes... I'm that far behind.

i don't have T. V. Service right now. I only watch Netflix and Hulu. Netflix goes up to season 5 (which i finished), and Hulu doesn't have it at all.

I'm just sick and tired of being so far behind (especially with all the damn spoilers), and i don't think Netflix is gonna get season 6 anytime soon.

I looked it up on the web, and every site was either paid, or didn't have season 6.

Do you know of any free sites that have season 6?

PS: if you spoil anything i WILL report you. No joke 😛


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  • Netflix should be getting it before long. Season 7 doesn't start till October and they usually have the past season up by the time the new one airs, right?

    • Yeah... but I'd like to actually be caught up for once, rather than being a season behind. For one: i get a lot of things spoiled for me before i get a chance to catch up.

      Also, i feel a little left out when my friends are talking about TWD, and i have no idea what's going on.

    • In the future, you should start going over to their house to watch. My friend doesn't have cable, so we watch it together at my place. :)

      For now, though, I think you'll just have to wait. Unless one of your friends has it recorded.

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    • I watched every episode on the link I gave you...

    • It asked me to sign up using my email. Will it charge, or is this just for them to send me junkmail (which I'm fine with).

    • You click on the episode number, then select one of the streams, then click the big green button play now, then click the play button on the video... It's not rocket science. You should install adblocker plus on your browser though... You don't have to sign up for anything.

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  • Pfft it sucked anyway. What cable provider do you have? I have Comcast and they're all still on xfinity

    • I have no T. V. Service at all.

    • The short answer is there's no legal way. And it's not worth risking viruses or getting caught to pirate it. They pay a lot more attention to the downloaders these days.

  • primewire. ag. requires no sign up i believe, but you need to download their video player. i watch everything from there

  • YouTube or even Net Flix should have it

    • Netflix only has up to season 5. It will be about 6 months until it hits netflix.

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    • Not sure then where you could find that sixth season

    • Thanks dude

  • You can tor**** the entire season on thepiratebay.

    • LOL why the fuck was the word t o r r e n t censured?

    • I don't know, i wasn't wondering the same thing lol

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