What Do You Think? Realistic?

Yes, I know the head is missing, but bloody hell the small details I'd have had to pay attention to... too much. Just way too much.

What Do You Think? Realistic?

Also, this is not explicit content. And the FAQ states that nothing should be posted unless it would be allowed in a school sex-ed class. Yes, I just looked it up, and yes, I did paraphrase but that's what it says. And I saw much worse than this in my year six sex-ed class.

(Actually i just re-checked that, it says that under the Adult Topic subheading for posting guidelines, and I'm goin goff that since the most it says for pics is to keep it relatively clean. I'm pretty sure this classifies doesn't it? What do you consider relatively clean?)

I'm aware the arm looks like it's caved in a little at the shoulder but I'm too lazy to go back and fix that. It's already taken me over two hours just to make this in the first place. There are a hundred other little nitpicks, but otherwise I am mighty proud of myself and wanted some opinions.

So, what do you reckon? Pretty good eh?

(I am only Anon to protect myself from receiving any sexual messages. Seriously not interested in getting any of those)


What Guys Said 1

  • Eh.. Close enough. I know how hard it can be, so.. Good effort. That leg looks like a sausage though.

    • Haha, oh god I can see it now. Oh that's horrifying. Sausage leg XD

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    • It cannot be exactly behind as some part of the leg is getting illuminated too.. If source of ligjt is left to the behind, I believe a shadow should cast. But its minute shit, don't bother Lol.

    • Well, no not directly behind her. But it would still cancel out any shadow that the arm might have thrown. This is based on a photograph I found on Google though. Any shadow based mistakes I can easily blame on that XD

What Girls Said 1

  • The biggest problem I would say is that it should go more in under the boobs because they look too far out. Other than that, it's pretty great.

    • Actually I used a photo as a guide to help me get the proportions right, so the boobs are as spot on as the photo was. I can sort of see what you mean though? Kind of? Not really.

      But thankyou for your feedback ^-^ much appreciated.

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