I can only buy 4 books, which one should I give up?

I have 5 books on my Amazon cart but I only have money for 4. Which one should I give up?

  • I can only buy 4 books, which one should I give up? In Sunshine, Tennessee, the main event in town is Friday night football, the biggest party of the year is held in a field filled with pickup trucks, and church attendance is mandatory. For Kaycee Jean McCoy, life in Sunshine means dating guys she has no interest in, saying only "yes, ma'am" when the local bigots gossip at her mom's cosmetics salon, and avoiding certain girls at all costs. Girls like Bren Dawson. Unlike Kaycee, Bren doesn't really conceal who she is. But as the cool, worldly new girl, nobody at school seems to give her any trouble. Maybe there's no harm if Kaycee gets closer to her too, as long as she can keep that part of her life a secret, especially from her family and her best friend. But the more serious things get with Bren, the harder it is to hide from everyone else. Kaycee knows Sunshine has a darker side for people like her, and she's risking everything for the chance to truly be herself.
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  • I can only buy 4 books, which one should I give up?This is the lighthearted story of American Cody McClain Brown’s adjustments to life in Croatia. After falling in love with an enigmatic, beautiful Croatian girl (whom he knows is from Croatia but assumes that means Russia), Cody eventually woos her and the two move to Split, Croatia. There, he encounters a world of deadly drafts, endless coffees, and the forceful will of his matriarchal mother-in-law. Chasing a Croatian Girl moves past the beautiful pictures of Croatia and humorously discovers the beauty of Croatia’s people and culture.
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  • I can only buy 4 books, which one should I give up?ccording to The Waiter, 80 percent of customers are nice people just looking for something to eat. The remaining 20 percent, however, are socially maladjusted psychopaths. Eye-opening, outrageous, and unabashed—replete with tales of customer stupidity, arrogant misbehavior, and unseen tidbits of human grace in the most unlikely places—Waiter Rant presents the server's unique point of view, revealing surefire secrets to getting good service, proper tipping etiquette, and ways to ensure that your waiter won't spit on your food.
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  • I can only buy 4 books, which one should I give up?The first biography to reveal Julia Ward Howe—the author of The Battle Hymn of the Republic—as a feminist pioneer who fought her own battle for creative freedom and independence. Julia Ward (1819–1910) was a heiress and aspiring poet when she married Dr. Samuel Gridley Howe, an internationally-acclaimed pioneer in the education of the blind. Together the Howes knew many of the key figures of their era, from Charles Dickens to John Brown. But he also wasted her inheritance, isolated and discouraged her, and opposed her literary ambitions. Julia persisted, and continued to publish poems and plays while raising six children. Authorship of the Battle Hymn of the Republic made her celebrated and revered. But Julia was also continuing to fight a civil war at home; she became a pacifist, suffragist, and world traveler. She came into her own as a tireless campaigner for women’s rights and social reform. Esteemed author Elaine Showalter tells the story of Howe’s determined self-creation and brings to life the society she inhabited and the obstacles she overcame.
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  • I can only buy 4 books, which one should I give up?Forty years after the landmark Roe v. Wade ruling, "abortion" is still a word that is said with outright hostility by many, despite the fact that one in three American women will have terminated at least one pregnancy by menopause. Even those who support a woman's right to an abortion often qualify their support by saying abortion is a "bad thing," an "agonizing decision," making the medical procedure so remote and radioactive that it takes it out of the world of the everyday, turning an act that is normal and necessary into something shameful and secretive. Meanwhile, with each passing day, the rights upheld by the Supreme Court are being systematically eroded by state laws designed to end abortion outright. In this urgent, controversial book, Katha Pollitt reframes abortion as a common part of a woman's reproductive life, one that should be accepted as a moral right with positive social implications. In Pro, Pollitt takes on the personhood argument, reaffirms the priority of a woman's life and health, and discusses why terminating a pregnancy can be a force for good for women, families, and society. It is time, Pollitt argues, that we reclaim the lives and the rights of women and mothers.
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LOL, only the abortion book got votes 😂😂


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  • I voted the first one. The last one is a close second. The waiter book seems pretty meh also. I'm gonna guess that it's pretty amateur writing, with one person's point of view.

    The Croatia and Biography books look like the best. Croatia sounds like the best story. The biography just because I tend to like biographies.

    Since these all seem to be American, and you are already considering a biography, maybe try a Mark Twain autobiography. His autobiographies are really collections of short stories and anecdotes about his life. He was a professional writer giving first person perspectives during a time in American history when it was in transition and growing. It's a much more interesting read than history books on that period. Instead of judging history from a modern point of view, this gives an insight into the view of people living during that time. He also was a well known humorist, although his humor may be hard to understand until you get used to it. His humor tends to be very dry. I was halfway through his second book before I realized he was joking. Once I figured it out I was laughing every other page. :)

    • Thank you! ☺️ Could you give a link?

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    • Sounds interesting. I think I'll like it

    • Here's a link you can check out. It's worth a bookmark. It has some Mark Twain's books including some of his autobiography. There are also lots of other authors, mostly western. If you read the introduction to Twain's autobiography you'll get a taste of his writing style. It's full of humor, sarcasm and exaggeration. There is a real story in there, it's just presented in his own style. As I said, you might not understand the humor. I was laughing out loud several times reading that intro. If you don't mind reading online you can save some money buying the books.


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  • Do it this way, I if you had all the books in front of you, and which one would you read first? Second? Etc besides there's always the library. Or you can purchase it at another time. Good luck! 😊

    • I hate it when people assume I can just go to the library. No offense, but I live in the Middle East. My local library doesn't even have the classics-and I'm lucky to even have that one close to me. Pretty much nothing in English (the language I prefer to read in.). There isn't a library option. If there was, I'd be using it.

    • Didn't mean to offend you

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  • I guessed you have a serious side so I left D, E. Book A looks like lesbian coming of age story in a conservative society, looks good. This leaves B and C, I don't usually like light hearted books and would not be a huge fan of romance either so Croatian Girl gets tossed.

  • Empty your cart.
    Pick up

    Thus spoke Zarathustra
    The Tao te Ching
    Being and Time
    Critique on Pure Reason

    The depths of your mind will stir as you come to synchronize with non human aspects of life.

  • E got votes because Katha Politt is full of crap. The dirty little secret is that "abortion rights" are quite well entrenched.

  • The Sixth Extinction

  • Chasing the croatan girl got my vote

  • they all look boring


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