What would you think If I say "Bollywood" and have you watched a bollywood movie?

What would you think If I say

I have seen this question today. I am Indian and I have watched a lot of bollywood and hollywood movies. I don't think all bollywood movies are shit and all hollywood movies are awesome. But sometimes people on gag insult bollywood. And it hurts me.


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  • Yep, I've watched several.
    What I think? I think of someone suddenly bursting out in song and dance, and then before you know it, everyone in the village is dancing synchronously :D

    • Which bollywood movie is your fave?

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    • Oh. Weird but I haven't watched it. But I like Aishwarya. And sometimes I can be jealous If we are talking about aishwarya rai. She is so beautiful.

    • Oh I agree, she's very beautiful!
      The film was from 1999. You should check that out if you get the chance. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taal_(film)

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  • Actually, I rather LIKE the Bollywood movies, with their song and dance numbers, that are a throwback to Hollywood musical movies of the 1950's.

    • Really? Which one is your fav?

    • Honestly? I can't recall one in particular, but their cinematic tribute to movies like "Singin' In The Rain", or the Fred Astaire / Ginger Rodgers days, is undeniable.

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  • I'm so down to watch a Bollywood movie. I know they're the biggest entertainment industry in the world.

  • I have watched many Bollywood films. I like the old ones as they were more decent.

  • Seen a few and enjoyed them.

    • Really? Which movies? And where are you from? You know americans don't like Bollywood so much.

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