Do you tend to stray away from Pop, Rap and Dance music as you grow older?

I notice as years go by, I shift towards to a Rock-related direction, including genres like Punk Rock, Post-Punk, Hard Rock, or Gothic Rock…and of course New Wave (perhaps my favorite genre since I was 15), Progressive Rock, AOR and Glam Metal which are more upbeat as genres but still not so “simple”, if you know what I mean. I shall mention I still don’t get genres like Grudge or Thrash Metal, no matter how many years will pass. Yet I listen to Pop, Rap and Dance oriented music less often each year passing by…I mean for example when I was 18, I was listening to 9 out of 10 times Pop/Dance/Rap related music. Now at 24-25 like 2 out of 10 times in total.
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  • I listen to more rock now than I did back in my younger years, just because I've had the same rotation of music forever, and current rap leaves a lot to be desired, so good new music is coming at me as fast and furious as it once did, so I'm expanding my horizons and exploring or re-exploring some stuff from years gone by that I wasn't as into back then. I'd still say rap is my favorite. I don't dislike what I used to like, I've just heard it so many times I need to let it all breathe for a while. Honestly couldn't even name you a current rock band though, is that even a thing anymore?

    • Generally 21st century music sucks. I listen to 60s 70s 80s 90s music, with 80s being my favorite decade.

    • 21st century music has been underwhelming for sure. I've adapted a little so I can accept some of it, but most just doesn't even come close to older stuff, in all genres.

    • Exactly!!! ANY genre sounded better in previous decades!!!

  • These days I still listen to pop, rap and dance. I'm more about the groove of the music than the deep artistry and complexity of lyrics. I will admit when I was in my early and mid 20s I was a complete snob when it came to hip hop and lyricial complexity. :-P


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  • I started listening to metal in 6th grade and I've listened to heavier and more extreme stuff since then. Recently I've been listening to more punk and pop punk though, because I listened to metal about 90% of the time for like the past 7 years. But I'm ALSO listening to the more popular metal bands a lot again, because when I started using Spotify a few years ago I kept finding more and more new music to listen to.

    Also started listening to EDM about sophomore year, and I still do listen to that to some extent, but it's probably only like 5% of my main Spotify playlist (of 6,199 songs). Recently I always wanna listen to whole albums, and most EDM either only has EP's or it gets tiring listening to a whole album.

    I never was into pop, no matter how much I have tried to listen to top 40 radio stations. I just can't. And any rap besides old school rap and Eminem irritates me really fucking quick.

    So yeah I'm listening to Iron Maiden's "Somewhere in Time" right now and it's fucking great.

  • I've always stayed away from it and country

  • Nope, I never actually liked most of the Pop and Rap, but I like electronic music, including Eurodance, that will never change. Rock is definitely not my type of music, except maybe for Synth/electronic rock, Glam and some of the Gothic rock songs.

    • Synth/Electronic Rock? Do you mean Progressive Rock? They used lots of synthesizers.

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    • The Cars for example were a band that was New Wave and BECAME synth-pop. Their albums Shake It Up and Heartbeat City were Synth-Pop whilst their debut and Candy-O were New Wave. Although The Cars had some Hard Rock and Punk Rock influence on their sound.

    • I see, thanks for the info

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