2 part question.. What would be the reality of your awareness if you were to shrink to a tiny size? Do you think survival would be impossible?

Do you think things, or people, would be reconized by you or would they be too gigantic? Would a simple sound deafen you? etc..
If I wrote a story (dark comedy/horror) about my boyfriend and I shrinking in my home, who is your vote for the best antagonist... my mother, my little brother or little sister? What are some obstacles?
Thanks 🙌
My biggest fear would be spiders, that would make a great horror.


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  • 1. I don't know how small, like ant size? u would prob be able to recognize people although maybe not see their faces, kinda like standing underneath a massive statue u wouldn't be able to see their expressions, just their shoes or whatever. i guess it might be like being in down town where the tallest buildings are people and the smaller ones are household objects like cups and books. sounds may not deafen you but u might have trouble understanding what they are saying, like a booming echo and ur just like "what?"

    2. any, although maybe not parents since if they somehow realized it was u they would prob get worried. ur bro/sis might not care as much. pets too. not to mention pests. wind. the carpet would be like a garden or forest depending how small u are. cool idea by the way

    • Thanks! Yeah in reality spiders would be my biggest fear lol. I was thinking 1/2 inch, so that could be tough to survive. Sister or brother could capture us and want to keep us.

    • My brother would probably want to trade one of us to a friend for a toy he wants 😕

    • ya spiders would be terrifying, u guys would be the perfect meal. ur boyfriend gonna have to really man up if its also ur phobia they're gonna be that much scarier! if u guys get caught by ur bro u could like try bribing him not to trade ur boyfriend for a toy, like do his laundry for a month lol I don't know i don't have any siblings ><

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  • Like what size? I would think I'd get carried off by a colony of ants kind of like when you drop a cube of sugar on your kitchen floor.

    Definitely the little brother.

    • I'm thinking 1/2 inch lol. Why brother and whays a senerio that comes to mind?

    • LIttle brothers can be the cruelest, especially if you picked on them before.

      Half inch? I'd get lost the shag carpeting. I might have a chance to survive if I was maybe a foot tall.

    • Yeah lol I always thought getting stepped on would be bad but seeing a spider would be HORRIBLE

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