What is a good electric guitar for an intermediate player?

I play accustic guitar and western guitar already. So I'm not the classic beginner but also not very experienced. I now want to play electric guitar. Any recommendation?


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  • My first electric guitar was an Ibanez GAX.

    Still with me to this day. Think neck, infinity passive pickups that provide outstanding sound for a guitar in the 300 USD range.

    I used it for my high schools jazz band and now I just try some metal riffs it.

    Its versatile and can be used for a variety of musical styles


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  • You said that you play acoustic and western guitar, so that means You can definitely start off with a Squire (owned under Fender) ranging from a price of $200-$400. These are the best types of electric guitars for guys who had just begun their journey in electric guita r, from there you can discover onwards to what you like.

    (It would depend on the type of music you'd like to play. There are guitars that have high distortion that are suited for metal, there are guitars that have different types of pickups, wood and makes suited for pop and indie etc.)

    Also, buy the guitar for the quality, don't worry about the price because that guitar is going to stay with you for a very long time. I still use my old one that I bought from 6 years ago. Having a good guitar and a good sound will motivate you more to practice as well.

    However, the type of guitar you own will NEVER determine how good you are as a guitarist. A good guitarist can make ANY guitar sound magnificent.

  • What's your price range


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