Audition for musical tomorrow first time?

Really need advice. I'm going to be singing "just a dream" as of right now, is that a bad choice? Any advice for auditioning?
Ok, so I got a callback. The thing is that the way the lady does callbacks are different. If you do or don't get a callback it has NO clues on whether or not you got cast. She does it if she doesn't know you very well or if she didn't have enough time to see you yesterday, etc
So, I got a part... One I didn't want -_-


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  • Smile! Remind yourself that it's not a do or die situation, look at it as "I'm going to audition for 10 musicals in order to get accepted for 1", so this is just one of MANY auditions you will make. Of course, your goal is to get it. But understand that life is a numbers game... You try a certain number of times and it works out once. All it means is to try out for a whole bunch of musicals or plays or whatever it is you're doing (apply to a whole bunch of schools, etc.), and don't ever put all your eggs in one basket.
    By taking this approach, hopefully you'll feel less pressure and be more relaxed, which will actually make you perform better and increase your chances of getting the part.
    Have fun, do your best, take deep breaths, and don't worry if you don't get it! There will be many many more opportunities after this one!

    That being said, good luck! Hope you nail it and get the part! :-)


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  • Whose musical is it? Community theater? Local school that allows outside students to participate? Local all-boys' school that needs outside girls? (You're the homeschool student, if I'm remembering right... right?)

    • Yeah I'm homeschooled.

      Its think the musical... I would wait for one that didn't include farm animals (However, its ages 8(10?) To 18 lol)

      It's at some theater program, not really sure.

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    • Tx for the MH luv. <3

      Congrats on getting a part, even if it wasn't yr ideal one.

    • Np

      and thanks lol. I wanted a part with a speaking line, but all I got was dancing, which I hate 😂

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