Best Albums Of 1985 and why?

What do you think are the best albums of 1985 and why do you think they are?


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  • If I start to mention... I'll never finish... a great year in music...

    But here are 10 favorites in alphabetical order... its difficult to tell about ma MOST... but those are definitely top shit fer me...

    Agent Provocateur by Foreigner
    Animotion (self-titled) by Animotion
    Fahrenheit 7800 by Bon Jovi
    The Fire Still Burns by Russ Ballard
    Listen Like Thieves by INXS
    Low-Life by New Order
    Nervous Night by The Hooters
    Power Station (self-titled) by Power Station
    Van Zant (self-titled) by Van Zant
    Welcome To The Real World by Mr. Mister

    Do ya recognize any?

    • The only ones I like are Foreigner and Mr Mister and did you know that was Mr Misters biggest album it deserves it because it has their best songs also how about Dire Straits Brothers In Arms? (:

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    • Thanks..

    • Your Welcome (:

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