How can I improve as a better youtuber?

I know im not really myself. the way i want to act is ghetto and loud but i can't because im scared my mother would judge loads.
so can you please give non basic ideas and help me out here. im quite shy
yes i am acting like a ditz


What Guys Said 2

  • Make videos that are about what you're passionate for.
    Yeah, maybe youtubing is your passion but I mean what do you like?
    Making videos of your current goals and what you like is going to attract people similar minded people and this is good because it'll be easier to become friends with your fans.

  • don't be scared.

    that's the ticket

    • what you mean? like thats the way to actually do well

    • Yup =)

      until the day you don't hold back, don't expect much.

What Girls Said 1

  • Make videos people actually wanna watch. No one cares about how to be dumb.
    15 seconds in, and I stopped your video.

    • what do they wanna watch