What Topic Interest You In A Class Speech?

Hi, I am currently 17 Years Old. Studying in some school :3 And I will be having a speech in the next Friday. But i have no idea what i should pick as my topic so I've decided to ask the people on the internet. So what will you be interested in? I have to grab each and every audience. I did one of those speech today. Failed because it was too short as i was suppose to have a 2 minutes speech. And took just 40 Seconds. I failed and has to take an retest again. It's basically about my dreams. I explain nearly everything within that 40 seconds. Wow :3


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  • Give a lecture about the financial practices of online gaming, how they generate revenue
    and why they work so well

    Free to play
    Pay to play
    Pay to win.

    It would be very easy to connect it to the psychology of why people find those games so addicting.

    Also, highly unlikely that anyone else would
    Lhave done it

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