Unpopular opinion of the day: the vast majority of Ronda Rousey fanboy/girls are manginas, feminists, internet trolls and UFC bandwagon jumpers?

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Not trying to attack the fans of Rousey or sound bitter or anything but just reading all of these baffling facebook comments (made by both Ronda Rousey fanboy/girl and haters, who are both nothing but groups of trolls) just made me want to ask this question here on GAG, lol. I'm not a fan of Rousey nor do I care or waste all of my energy and hatred on her for her trash-talk personality but her fans make me laugh with all of their retarded excuses for her. Her haters make me laugh because they dedicating too much of their precious time on bashing her.

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  • Ronda was an overblown media celebrity, not an actual skilled fighter. She had zero class, bragged that she could "probably injure" professional male fighters, then like a coward said she wouldn't support male/female mma matches.

    • I have nothing against trash-talking fighters and I disagree with male vs female boxing/MMA matches being legal in sports but there's nothing I hate more than when a female athletes trash-talking about male athletes being lesser than them in ability, knowing well that she never has to back up that bullshit claim, along with the so-called sports fans very likely not batting an eye on that because of her gender. Hypocrisy at it's finest.

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    • Yeah and on top of the amount of hype being fed to us about Rousey, they even had the audacity to put Ronda Rousey on a cover a boxing magazine, The Ring Magazine. A fucking boxing cover (when she has absolutely NO decent boxing skills or even striking skills to begin with)!

    • Rousey being included in the Ring Magazine, made me lose my respect for Oscar De La Hoya (former multiple Division champ and owner of The Ring magazine) even more than I've already had for him.

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  • She was cuter than most MMA stars so she walked and easy line to the championship with help from the top office, then cashed in on her celebrity.
    When she tries and fails to reclaim the title, she'll fade into the sunset. Losing the title doesn't damage her career, but being unable to reclaim it will.

    • She isn't even that good looking. Gina Carano and even Miesha Tate are better looking than Rousey. If she backed up her trash talk, hadn't quit so easily over one loss and didn't pull more excuses out of her ass, I still would have had some respect for her as a fighter.

  • Considering all their money is the same is there any way to really know? Probably not.

  • dunno who she is... nor do i care.. lol.

  • I've always liked Gina Carrano

  • Maybe the last category. I don't think feminst/manginas tend to be that big on combat sports in general.


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