The reason why Batman wants to fight Superman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is simply stupid. Agree?

"if we believe there's even a one percent chance that he is our enemy, we have to takeit as an absolute certainty."

This is the most stupid reason I ever heard. And this was coming from the "world's best detective". Because:
1. It would mean that everyone could be potentially dangerous and has to be taken down. Why did he started with Superman? Why not with Lex Luthor? Or Alfred? In fact Alfred could harm him the most, because he knows so much about Batman/Bruce Wayne. Going with this logic, you can only become paranoid
2. Just because Superman has got great power doesn't make him potentially dangerous. His power can also be used as an multiplier to do good things, which he proved he did multiple times.
3. Batman himself goes berserk on others. Who is checking him? Or does he thinks he knows it all?
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  • Yeah this is one of the things I hated about the movie. Batman was kind of an asshole. He had much more valid reasons for doing it in the comics. I guess he did give up on some of his morals after he had to experience Robin's death, but it still pissed me off.

    I actually think Zack Snyder is ruining the DCEU and feel he might do the same with the Justice League movies. I'm kinda glad Suicide Squad are not by him. I'll hope they do well.


Most Helpful Guy

  • My problem is that Batman in the comics is too smart to be manipulated by Luthor the way he was in the movies. But then again in the movie he was shown to have been at it for 20+ years now and was jaded and lost his way, so I can kind of see it.

    The main thing to understand is that they wanted to recreate the epic Batman vs Superman fight at the end of the classic story The Dark Knight Returns.


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  • Yeah it was complete bullshit clearly batman doesn't believe in innocent until proven guilty I get he's a grizzled old batman who's kinda lost his ways but is he a retard, why can't he just be prepared rather than actively try and kill someon who has done nothing at least in the comic there was a decent reason for them to fight with superman being a lackey of the Reagan president and batman running the city his own way with his mutant gang god that was awesome.

  • if we are strickley talking about in dawn of justice movie then in my eyes yes, if we talking about the comics then no :)

  • It has the name "Zach synder" plastered all over it.

    All the reason I needed not to see it

  • This reminds me of the Republican's point of view on Middle Eastern immigrants...

  • nah it was smart


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