Any good animes?

So I just downloaded this app called Animania and it has just about any anime show you can think of on it. Naruto's coming to an end, and I finished Death Note and I want to start something new.

Any recommendations?


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  • In no particular order and I might add more later if I think of any.

    Steins;Gate, is phenomenal. It starts a little slow but it's relaxing and then things pick up and you will want to put a knife through your heart at one point because it's so emotionally intense. This is probably my favorite after Naruto and maybe tied with code geass

    Tokyo Ghoul, if you haven't read the manga. You might still enjoy it but compared to the manga they leave a lot of good stuff out

    Full metal alchemist brotherhood, it has to be brotherhood because it follows the source material and it's newer

    Attack on titan, my first anime that had such impression on me, that I learned Japanese just to watch anime and read manga despite spending very little time watching anime or reading manga. This anime also has a nearly flawless sound track.

    Code geass, has a somewhat similar vibe to death note and has an incredible ending and is good throughout

    Mirrai nikki, is alright I barely recommend this. In fact only watch it when you are out of everything else

    Sword art online, the first I think 14 episode are incredible and I highly recommend watching this

    Parasyte, is also a pretty decent one to look at sooner than later

    Magi, is also great I give it two thumbs up 👍👍

    Guilty crown, has an amazing soundtrack. I don't remember too much I reccomend it when you have a chance.

    Nagi no asukara, I usually never watch this genre but I found that I quite enjoyed it. It's animation and art is mind blowing. I reccomend this somewhat highly.

    You should NOT watch monster. Some people reccomend it but absolutely nothing happens and sometimes you don't see the main. Character for several episodes at a time and it's not even filler. And it's ending is so bad you will wonder why they even made the anime in the first place.

    • Oh yeah some people like the fate/stay animes. I have only watched one but it's alright if you run out of stuff.

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  • Btoom is good


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  • I watch azumanga daiho to get a. Good laugh, I watch death parade for psychological thrill, I watch naruto, samurai shamploo, dragon ball z for the hell of it, for entertainment I watch full metal alchemist, and for others just watch fate state night, seed of evil ( very very cool but slow and boring) and fooly cooly.

  • You seen erased/Boku Dake ga Inai Machi
    Cowboy bebop
    One punch man
    hunter x hunter
    Attack on titan.

  • Have you watched Strike Witches?


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