Give Me Your Most Honest Opinion of This Song?

Listen to the whole thing and pay attention to the lyrics.


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  • yeah because degrading men is ok these days, but i can bet if someone made a song like this on women, everyone would be loosing their minds.

    degrade men these days no one bats an eye.
    degrade women and everyone loses their fucking minds.

    • Its been half an hour since you posted this so hopefully youve calmed down a tad.

      Listen to the song again, pay attention to the words and the subtitles.

      This is sung BY a man.

      After following the above steps, consider this last fact and share with me your opinion a second time please.

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    • Allow me to explain my point of view on this song.

      Its not feministic or hypocritical. Its a marketing device.
      The man is saying 'All men are pigs BUT me' which makes him the most desirable of the lot, being the 'only decent bloke'.

      However the message in the song is saying that all men ("all men") say and/or think the same thing.

      It is in no way saying that men actually are all pigs.

    • the message is wrong, not all men think and say the same thing, some are different

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  • I didn't know if this was a girl or a boy singing until I saw "all men but me"


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  • Every guy would agree, "All men are pigs, All men but me :P"

  • considering its a male singing the lyrics rather amuse me nice song tho

  • well it's true i guess... apart from the asexuals...


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