Have Psychic Predictions Ever Came True?

If you do not believe in psychics no need to answer, I know many don't. But, I went to a psychic in November and had a great experience. He was also a medium and people came through to him that passed and told us things that were accurate. He also made predictions that I would have a great year, I would meet someone this year that sounds great and I would finally start my career. So far, I met someone (not who he described) that ended up not working out (but why didn't he tell me about this?) and I had a very strong job prospect sizzle out. My friend went to the same psychic and her predictions already came true. But, since this year so far has been kind of crappy I want some reassurance that these great things really will happen this year!!! Have your psychic predictions came true?


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  • What "psychics" do is essentially playing a high-level guessing game, making broad, generalized predictions that either don't make sense or would likely happen anyway.

    You're gullible to give them any money, but that makes sense considering you're 34 and talking about just now starting a career. Unless you were pursuing a terminal degree or something (doubtful), that's pretty pathetic.

    • First, I told you not to respond if you don't believe in them, I have no use for you. Second, I have a masters degree and if you know anything about starting a career at 18 which I assume you do not, because what, have you even graduated from high school? LOL. Oh, or beginning college at an ivy league school which if you are going to I would recommend not bringing up anime on your college application. Then, I would let you know that getting your foot in the door nowadays is not easy. ALSO, I am making more with my hourly job than I will for years in my career field and probably than you ever will in your whole shitty judgement prone life. So, first, take direction and don't respond where your opinions aren't valid and second, get back to me when you grow up. Fitting that your profile name is vomit isn't it?

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    • I know, just pulling your leg lol

    • @MrShinyPants I probably overreacted then, so my apologies. I've just gotten used to the groveling type of fedora tippers GaG is infested with.

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  • What were your friends predictions?

    • That she was going to meet a guy right around the corner, told her to switch dating sites she was on to find him and what his initials were and described him perfectly. She is now dating that exact guy and it is working out great. She has dated a lot of guys but only briefly, this one is also actually working out.

    • Woah! I've always thought mediums/psychics were some type of witches, so not something I would do. But that is very interesting!! Have you tried speaking to the psychic to let them know their predictions of you haven't been true?

    • Witches? Lol. I think that people have stronger intuition than others. Just like some people are more focused, creative, analytical, introverted, extroverted, etc. Different parts of the brain function at higher levels than others for every single individual. I believe psychics have very strong intuitiveness and can just sense things. I only went to him in November and he said this year was going to be the year this all happens. So, I still have 7 months to see if this all comes true.

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  • Some have, I've even had a few sleeping dreams that have come true

    • Sometimes I have deja vu that I swore came from a dream!

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    • Thank you for the mho

    • I think the age when i first started having those dream predictions was i think around 3rd or 4th grade, also in 8th grade i have been able to predict the winner of the super bowl every year to this day and haven't been wrong, no matter how much i jinxed myself to make a team loose lol. Also usually can predict the two teams to make and the final score though only correct 70% of the time. Ever since the panther/patriot game of 2001, its weird, not really into football either, only team id watch is the bears, used to watch the ravens until they got rid of Michael Oher. Anyways, sorry off topic, there has been a few other oddities I've noticed and have done over the years, so yeah id say psychic and esp and 6th sense thing in fact does exist no matter how much people try to refute it and fail epically. Yeah there are fake psychics out there but there are real ones too. Oh also had quite a few dreams too of past lives, how i know is really hard to explain

  • A broken watch is right twice a day...

  • They are all frauds; otherwise they would have claimed the prize from The One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge already



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