Did MJ end up with Peter Parker?

I always hated superheroes. But yesterday I happened to watch Spiderman with Tobey Maguire and I liked it! I immediately became a fan of Peter and MJ. But for me canon matters. I researched about their ending. But since Spiderman is a UNIVERSE, I don't know what you guys accepts as canon. It isn't like animes, it has so many alternative stories, anything can be canon. :/ For example, in Naruto's ending, Naruto married Hinata and that's the end of it. It IS canon. But I can't say the same thing for Spider-verse.

I also watched the trailer of the Amazing Spiderman to see who played the role of MJ this time, but she was not there at all! Who is Gwen? Why is the the heroine in a movie series that uses the adjective "Amazing" for Peter, while "Amazing" is given Peter by MJ?

Bonus question: Who is Deadpool?


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  • yes he does end up with Mary Jane Watson.

    he learned a great deal about what his uncle said, "With great power comes great responsibility", after Gwen did.

  • Deadpool is a awesome superhero till now
    He is not comparable to marevls & DC
    He is sonewhat unique and too cool

    • but WHO is he

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    • comics *of

    • DC and Marvels are comic series
      But Deadpool is not from a comic just a virtual character

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