What should I name my music video?

Usually I just name my videos with the footage I used and the song it was edited to. However, this 6 and a half minute video uses 6 different songs, so I can't do that. I was thinking of naming it "Recollections" or "Memories."

To paint the picture of what this video is, let me say this. It is the "telling" of a part of my life. A very important part. I only used songs that have direct meaning to how I feel, and some of the clips do display a real story (even though it is a digital version and the footage is Sims 4). So yes, this video has a lot of meaning to me, and it's been an ongoing project for nearly two months now.

I'd like to hear what ideas you might have. I really want to choose a simple but indirect title. Ex: recollections is short, and it does not specifically say whether it's good or bad. Also, the same thing goes for memories. Still, I'm unsure of what to call it. All ideas are welcome! :)


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  • I like recollections. It has a nice ring to it and tells me I am going to be seeing your memories and your life. Another title could be "Life in music" because it really helps to set up the fact that the songs in the video have a lot of meaning in your life.


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  • I would call it Darkindividual, or Ying Yang of my life, representing the good and bad times if your video displays that.

    • The only problem is, it doesn't represent any good times. All of the songs used are negative.

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    • I'd love to hear them. To be more specific, the video shows my own mistakes and actions as a kid, and what resulted from that. Halfway through the video, a new person is introduced, which felt like a "replacement" for someone I lost. And it's not just me as a child. It switches back and forth between who I am now and a younger version of myself. The final song is my current outlook on life, in terms of relationships and friendships.

      Sorry for the long description, but you get the point. I guess you could say it's about how I treat others and how they treat me.

    • I'm thinking Lessons or school of hard knocks. Characters comes to mind too.
      Here's several lists of adjectives that may help: r.search.yahoo.com/.../RS=D8pEwMp1jpvTtiiM7n1GA0cWuiA-



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