Young people born after 1990, are you aware of the AOR music genre as a genre, and do you know any songs from that genre?

On average 9 out of 10 young people I’ve asked so far…. they were like “Wot AOR means?”

It’s scary how people are so dumb musically nowdays…

And DON’T Google if ya don’t know…just be honest…
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Hahaha... I knew it... youngsters suck in music knowledge... they know no more than 5 genres...


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  • Nope.
    Doesn't sound like music genre. It sounds like a radio genre. With that in mind, your question doesn't really make sense. Am I missing something here?

    • It's a radio format indeed... but it's described as a genre pretty often...

      And it makes sense... since people ma age have no idea about it..

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    • Seems like it's basically just poppy hard rock like you said, but I don't see why it needs such distinction or how it's especially important as a genre compared to glam metal or broader hard rock.

    • It's just one of ma favorite genres... and I'm surprised most people aren't aware of it... it was pretty big during 80s...

  • No, since I grew up mostly on metal.

    • It's not so far away from metal... but metal has so many genres... AOR's pretty close to Glam Metal actually...

    • Well, glam metal is different, since it's mixed with pop music. I'm talking about alternative metal, preferably industrial, like Static-X, Soulfly, Fear Factory, American Head Charge, Rob Zombie, etc.

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  • Not a clue


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  • I know what it is. I just don't give a shit about rock

    • At least ya know... good...

      And yeah guess who I am? 21st century music hater...

    • Bruh. I know. Just stop going anon. No one cares who you are. it's so fucking obvious when it's you

  • I don't know what that is and doesn't necessarily mean people who don't know r dumb

    • I said musically... NOT generally...

  • Nope.


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