Quitting My Swim Team?

I'm thinking about quitting my current swim team, to swim for the team that one of my ex-coaches coaches instead.

They're way less competitive, and they only practice three nights a week, and I'm the oldest by three years. It's also twenty minutes further away than the club I swim for now, plus I'm the best by far.
I also have to leave the people at my current club

On the other hand, I'm kind of burnt out from all of the practices (six nights a week for 1:30/2 hours) and I'm not very competitive, plus I hate most of the kids there (save for maybe seven people, and they're really the only people who give a shit about me.) It's not like I won't see them, and I don't particularly like the head coach, because not only is he one of those people that plays favorites a lot, but he's also a dick and has horrible music taste.

Plus I'm starting to realize that my ex-coach is one of the best things that's ever happened to me. I'm a lot happier when I'm around him and he treats me better than most people treat me, especially adults.

I don't enjoy swimming as much anymore because it's competitive and I'm one of the worst swimmers at my club.

I'm trying to make a descision, and I'm leaning towards leaving, but I'm not sure. What do you think?
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  • Do what makes you happy. It sounds like your old coach really made an impact on you, and swimming sounds like something you love but lost passion for because of how forced it is for you now. I think you should leave, your reasons for staying aren't as strong, and it doesn't sound like you believe in them either

    • He did, he's an awesome guy.

      I was talking about it with my parents today and my parents expect me to swim at the same standard, and honestly I might just tell them I will and slowly wean them off of that idea. It ain't gonna happen because of the lower level of practice but sure they can think so

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    • Oh wow, nice! Didn't realize that was an option haha

    • I didn't either, but my coach shifted practices around and I can swim certain nights at the other club

Most Helpful Guy

  • If your hearts not in it then it would be wrong to continue doing something you don't enjoy even though you get on well with your coach but I am sure there are other octivities out their for you to learn and enjoy but the decision is yours


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  • It doesn't appear you enjoy swimming anymore.
    Pick up something else.

    • I do enjoy swimming, but not my team. Since my old team disbanded it's pretty much been Hell, I thought I could leave and start anew but that went to Hell fast

  • Dont shy away from hard work it will make you better in the long run stay where your at

    • Really I hate the kids and coaches more

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    • I don't try to, I honestly don't, but not only did my bullies follow me from my old team, but all the stuck up girls in the cliques do is talk about everyone, and then treat you nicely to your face. The guys are better but there are a few I don't care for. There is one who I look up to who's going to West Point, and a few of the older guys (16 and 17) talk to me because they're a lot nicer.

      The coaches were ok until a bunch left, they kept the mean ones and hired a bunch of useless coaches

    • I am sorry to hear that. Stand up to your Bullies though.. I wish you the best I hope your next swim team works out well for you

  • Wish I had stayed on swim team longer

  • If your hearts not in it there's no point staying.
    Swim team girls rock by the way haha


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