If you were me, which gym would you rather pick first for combat sports/learning how to fight/competing at the moment, MMA gym or Boxing Gym?

Right now, I'm a young college-aged guy who's has been training in boxing for years (with a lot of sparring experience but not exactly any amateur background, originally I was gonna have my first amateur fight in a smoker before I had to leave my gym). I had to leave my boxing gym several months ago because I work at a job that doesn't fit with my boxing gym schedule and I have no where else to go for a job/work while going to college. Right now, I've been trying to quit my current job to work somewhere else that pays decent and that's in the early morning shift so I can fit everything in with my schedule. I've been even more out of shape and a little depressed since I've stopped going and now I'm doing everything I can to come back.

Another thing also crossed my mind. It's cross training between two different gyms (Boxing and MMA). There's this MMA gym (opened by actual UFC fighters) that's literally a couple of blocks away from my house and I've been thinking of going there to get back in shape and learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for self-defense. I figured it would be great for me since I want to get back in shape soon and also mix my fighting background up a bit. As for my boxing gym, I'm pretty loyal to my boxing trainers so I still want to come back to my same boxing gym (plus the boxing gym membership is very cheap). My plan is to train boxing during my week days and possibly get into competition while going to MMA training on the weekends.

I don't know at the moment but right now, I'm thinking about checking out that MMA gym later today so what are your guys' suggestions?
  • MMA gym first, then go to your boxing gym once you finally have your new job.
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  • Wait til you get your new job to come back to your same boxing gym first, then go to MMA gym later.
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  • Wait til you get your new job to go to both gyms around the same time and day period.
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  • Just stick to only one gym and that is Boxing
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  • Just stick to only one gym and that is MMA
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  • Others
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