Why is my friend such a party pooper?

I would like us to try to stay on the phone until 2am since I'm full of energy and wants to party. She says she's a little tired and she don't wanna be on the phone all night. We're on the phone now and it's 1:06am right now. I told me she need to lighten up and wake up and it's Saturday night. Well Sunday morning. I'm wide awake and full of energy!!! Whoo!!! What she got to do tomorrow? She has nothing to do and she has no work tomorrow so why doesn she needs to go to bed already? Boooo
  • DAMN you're a party animal!
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  • You're friend needs to learn to have fun
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  • As someone who doesn't and has never done well with latenights I always feel like what you've said about your friend is what people say or think about me!

    and no I'm not a party pooper, feel free to have as much fun late at night as you want but I need sleep, I don't care where I sleep I just need to sleep... you are lucky your friend made it to 1am, I wouldn't have unless I was having trouble sleeping but thankfully that's a rare occurence and if this was the case I wouldn't be on the phone to anyone, I believe in making your own fun after a certain time at night not expecting everyone to be awake to entertain you just because you are awake.


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  • you stay up all night having meaningless conversation with your boyfriend not a friend thatyouve been friends with for a good while. do something else


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