Have you read Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality?

It's Harry Potter fanfiction actually. I'm at chapter 73 and enjoying it a lot!



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  • Not read this one, but I've read 'Harry Potter and The Fith Element' ... All 1.4 million words of it (The 7 HP books have 1 million words combined).
    Amazing piece of work. Some of these authors would be rich if they ever got published.

    One problem with fanfics is the pacing, they tend to take ages to get anywhere until the author realises this or gets bored and rushes the ending.

    Think I'll give this one a go though, everyone says it's good.

    • what's the plot in it?

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    • Well, yesterday after I gave you the MHO, I clicked on the link and started reading your suggestion! I enjoy it so far. Some things didn't make sense in the original, and the author managed to present them in a better way, like since Harry is actually destined to kill Voldemort, it makes sense that he'd receive an Auror education, and of course there would be a way to manage it over the summer, the pensieve.

    • Glad you at least find it interesting, it kept me entertained for months - which is incredible for me. I kept going back to check things too so I could understand things that happened later on.

      Going to start methods tonight in bed, looking forward to it 😀.

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  • If there's a chapter 73 then no I have not and no I never will

    • There exist 122 chapters about harry potter's first year in Hogwarts. I enjoy reading it so much, that I'm happy it will last for a while. I hope the author wrote more books.

  • Haha no, it's a hole in my culture but I've never read any Harry Potter book :o


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