Fun with astrology: post your birthday OR tell me about yourself?

You have two options

You can tell me your Birthday (month, date, year, location and time of birth if possible).
And I will do my best to discribe you based on my knowledge of the zodiac.

*If your not comfortable giving out this information remember there is the private and anonymous answers.


you can can discribe yourself. And I will try to guess your sun sign.
*keep in mind that there are actually many signs in a birth chart. The strongest being ascendant, sun and moon. So while I may not guess your sun sign accurately it is possible I had guessed a different placement. I would need your birthday at this point to find out.

If you hate this kind of thing. .. no need to comment or participate.


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  • Alright surprise me.

    March 28th, 1993, Kansas, sometime in the evening during a thunder storm and a tornado warning if that makes any difference lol.

    • Figures: your chart comes off as a jack of all trades type... in other words a little harder to pinpoint. This is called a splay chart. You versatile. I see a lot of squares and oppositions in your chart. Meaning you face a lot of challenges in life (which make you stronger). You have to pretty much earn your whole way.

      I take it your pretty practical in your decisions in life. Being adventures and taking risks isn't exactly a problem for you socially or for entertainment but I think when it comes to making money and such your pretty straight forward.

      Romantically I think you kinda need to be chased rather than doing the persuing which probably confuses most women. You want a woman who's straight forward while you can be suprisingly sweet. Though you probably like to switch it up a lot in the bedroom. You might have a problem attracting the right kind of women.

      Upon looking harder. I do think it possible for you to be drawn to creative fields but struggle taking that leap of faith.

    • I didn't have your asc/time of birth in order to narrow it down further.

    • You got some stuff right and some stuff wrong, and some fairly close, as for my time of birth all I remember is it being in the evening some time around 8-10 lol.

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  • I have looked it all up actually. Well, I'll describe myself and you can guess?
    I'm usually one to try and calm people up since I hate arguments, I'm stubborn AF, bossy- I hate it when people aren't doing what I'm telling them to do, I hate being ignored, I like to be chased, brain>heart cause if you use your heart you get hurt, I'm not forgiving and if I rarely ever forgive, I don't forget.
    In a partner I'd like someone that is funny but mysterious, someone that will sweep me of my feet.
    I don't want to have kids because with kids come too many responsibilities and they're literally lives depending on you and I think this is too much pressure.
    I lose my shit pretty easily but I try not to show it because I don't want others to worry about me.
    I don't care of what people think of me or my actions. I am living for myself.
    I am a little bit of a pessimist.
    I don't like opening up to anyone, if I'm sad I will just have to wait for everyone in the house to be asleep so I can cry.
    I would love to be on my own, I pretty much hate people. I hate partying and communicating with people, I prefer books, TV and music instead.
    I think that's enough, right?

  • I know mine
    Sun: Scorpio
    Moon: Virgo
    Ascendant: Capricorn
    Mecury: Scorpio
    Venus: Libra
    Mars: Scorpio
    Jupiter: Libra
    Saturn: Aquarius
    Uranus: Capricorn
    Neptune: Capricorn
    Pluto: Scorpio

    • Cool! Although this is just data. A birth chart would tell you even more. In a birth chart i would see the degrees of thr planet position, learn the aspects, and what houses they fall in.

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    • True self pretty hidden.

      Uranus neptune might be square venus and jupiter. This could imply difficultly in love affairs being lied to or abandoned.

      You dont jump into relationahips quickly. But you put your whole self into them when you do. You might have a tendency towards possiveness. You are attracted to refined women and can go out of your way to woe them. You want a partner who shares your interests, who has good taste and has their sh*t together.

    • I agree I'm very analytical and ambitious. Scorpio is the 11th house. Not so much with the community part but I did want to major in sociology at one point or become a child psychologist if that matters.

      Libra is 10th. Neptune is 1st and Sagitarius is 12th. Second house Aquarius.

      Here's a screenshot of my chart, hope it helps.

  • Cancer sun
    Gemini moon
    Capricorn rising

    Describe me lol

    • Well there's a lot of astrological information I dont have here but I can tell yoy what I think based on these three placements.

      People might interpret you as kind of cold and determined. They might have a hard time approaching you. You might even be shy yourself. Your sun falls in either the 6th or 7th house. If its rhe 6th house I would say your very goal oriented. If its inthe 7th I'd say your a little more quicker to warm up to people. And you might have a tendency to rely on others Or they have a tendency to rely on you.

      As a cancer sun, gemini moon, you can be pretty moody, lol. Like an emotional roller coaster. But luckily these two signs how to have fun as well. Cancer is usually a home body and gemini doesn't like to sit still. So you might have a probably with deciding what you prefer at times. When your out you might crave coming back home and at home you might be itching to get out.

      Id say you have a sweet caring nature, but in a much more practical way than a typical

    • Cancer. When it comes to projects you probably start many but procastinate and have trouble finishing them.

      On an emotional level you want company that can make you laugh and feel understood.

    • lmao truee
      Found the rest of it though:
      Sun- Cancer
      Rising- Capricorn
      Moon- Gemini
      Mercury- Gemini
      Venus- Leo
      Mars- Gemini
      Jupiter- Scorpio
      Saturn- Pisces
      Uranus- Capricorn
      Neptune- Capricorn
      Pluto- Scorpio
      Node- Scorpio

      lmao so much gemini…. oh no lol

  • December 14, 2000, 11:59 pm. (Almost midnight!) :)
    ... I'll tell you if your description doesn't fit.

  • okay haha
    love nature and animals
    i hate routine
    open minded

    hope thats enough lol

    • Okay not a whole lot to go off of. I would guess Sagittarius or aquarius. Visually you appear to have soft features so I would think cancer or pisces.

      But based on your discription I'll say Sagittarius.

    • haha nope :P

  • But if I tell you the month I was born, you'd know my zodiac sign, so you'd just copy paste the description of that sign...

    • No thats no the point of my exercise. Astrology is a passion of mine. I try to study and teach myself birth charts. When you read a sun sign discription on the internet its very cookie cutter as if there are only 12 personalities in the world. With your entire birthdatw I would pull up a birth CHART (everyone's is different). And see how much I can learn about you.

      The point is so the people doing it can maybe have some fun. And for me to find out how good or bad at it am. How much more I need to study and learn. And maybe persuade people reading this further to decide for themselves weather to believe or not believe in it.

  • I am a Earth dragon and leo, nuff said, but at times i act like the other scopes, if the horoscopes could truly be accurate

  • Thats private. There are websites to do the calculations and provide analysis.

  • Lol ok I'm an Aquarius (14.02.96).. So shoot πŸ˜›

    • Hi! Ok so I didn't get a birth time or location ao i had less to go off of. Im guessing your moon sign is sagittarius. The most prominate signs in your chart are aquarius and sagittarius.

      You have a talent trine in your chart. Pointing at mercury, uranus, and neptune. So Id say you have a highly imaginative and inventive mind. I would guess you're pretty libral minded. You might have an interest in science and the development of humanity.

      You have mars conjunct your sun. So people may find you intimidating or at least ambitious. But with saturn in pisces you might not feel as in control as others see you.

      You make an effort to have your goals met but struggle to see it actually happening. It might feel like circumstances are against you.

      You're pretty straight forward into letting people know how you feel about them.

      The moon square venus in your chart could translate to a lot of different possibilities. Since venus repesents your femine nature and some of your finacial success.

    • Emotionally you must value your freedom. But in relationships maybe you feel a bit smoothered? Perhaps you have issues with your mother? Or you feel you have to hid yourself to be successful?

    • Hmm I'd say 75% of that was correct for me, not bad

  • April 20th 1993

  • astrology is dumb...

  • 14-11-1985. I have one or two good qualities.

    • Pretty straight forward scorpio with sagittarius placements. Not sure I could say anything you haven't already heard.

      Saturn conjunct sun. Suggest a strong need to feel in control. While emotionally you love your freedom. There's a quintile between the moon and mars which suggest aome creative talent in expressing either your emotional side or masculine side. Mars in libra subdues the possessiveness you'd typically see in a scorpio. With neptune square mars and jupiter square venus you may attract deciteful people or those whose values are quite definite than yours. But with mercury in sag you can keep an omptimistic view and get of slights better than a typical scorpio. there's also a possibility of turning to religious/spiritual beliefs in hard times.

  • Astrology is bullshit... seriously

  • Virgo sun, Leo moon, Leo ascendant

    • Ok, not as much to go off but based on these things I'd imagine your fairly fashionable, maybe more on the quiet side but easy to laugh. Intelligent, maybe interested in politics (at least that seems common among these signs).

      These positions tell me your moon is either in the 1st or 12th house. And your sun is either in the first or 2nd house. In which case id guess you don't hide your feeling well. Or at least your a very honest person. You may be in tune with or find joy with children.

      I can't help but imagine you probably take pride in your person space. A nice home/bedroom. Or perhaps Interested in analysis/psychology.

    • Thanks! True. My moon is in 12 house and sun in 2 house. I feel I most like a virgo than leo, despite that I have also leo venus.

  • 1-5-93

    • Others wrote the month and date differently. So i want to be sure January 5th?

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    • While you tend to do the right things in life maybe take more of the convential roads in life your heart wants to explore all avenues and doors, and craves a bit more fun.

      Romantically your a big softy and risk being taken advantage of. You might do best fating someone who is the opposite of yourself but also completes you. You need emotional support in a relationship and you need to be the care giver from time to time. And i image you have good tastes or a talent for art as well.

    • That was very fun to read, you got it very spot on!!! πŸ‘πŸ»

  • Hello! I'm a Capricorn, but I'm not how capricorns are usually described. I'm not overly serious and all that stuff.

    • You probably have a heavy influence somewhere else in your chart. I agree that the typical discriptions try to fit people in a neat little box and people are more complex than that.

  • 19 June 96
    Pune, Maharashtra, India
    Approximately 10:45 PM

    • Well I'm going off more modern western astrology instead of verdic I hope thats okay. At a glace. I would say your a bit more reserved than a typical gemini. And would probably do well in a partnership with someone similar to youself. And it looks like you should be successful in what you do.. something practical. I imagine you'd make a good parent to with moon in leo and a busy third house (do you have siblings?). It looks to be that taking car of children is important to you. You also have your sun in the fourth house. So creating a rich home life is important to you. You may prefer working from home.

      You have a trinity in the fire element. In other words you can bring creativity and inspiration to others. With saturn in the first suggest either the desire to hide in the background or be a leader or role model for others.

      Romance to you means getting along mentally above all else. Friends first, partners second.

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