How to subtly let viewers know that I'm LGBT?

I'll be on a kinda popular TV show this week (as studio audience). There's a chance I'll be shown on TV. You can never seen anything gay in our media, ever. So if I'm going to be shown on TV, I want to let them know that we exist. I'm asking you this question since it's too late to order a ''God said Adam and Eve, so I did both'' dress and I can't write ''GAY'' on my forehead.


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  • The fuck do you mean "You can never seen [sic] anything gay in our media"? Every random dumbass who comes out as liking the same gender is heralded as some kind of hero, even though it means no danger to you unless you live in the Deep South or some shit.

    You're in the studio audience of a show, meaning that no one gives a damn about your presence. The host is the person who gets the attention; you blend into the background and provide applause. That's it.

    • I'm Turkish. You're an idiot.

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    • Turkish isn't a race, but it's expected of a libtard to cry discrimination whether that's the care or not.

    • You're not worth it. Reported.

  • I'm all for gay rights and shit, but no one gives a shit

  • If you are in a relationship (or not XD) just mention your girlfriend. like "that reminds me of something my girlfriend said" etc


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