Do you think the Pixar movie Inside Out should have a sequel?

I dont think so. One is enough. I don't wanna see Riley's teen and adulthood. Whatever.
  • Yes! The movie is awesome and deserves a sequel Inside Out 2
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  • No. Worst movie ever!
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  • It would be nice to see Riley grown up
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  • No. One is enough
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  • Maybe.
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  • Who cares?
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What Girls & Guys Said

  • I would watch it. I think every Pixar movie I have seen has been a pleasant watch.

  • I think I'm happy where they left it... but if I know Disney, I know they simply CAN'T resist to make sequels to films as a chance to make more money, i. e. Finding Dory, a sequel to Finding Nemo, 13 YEARS after the first one was made, Toy Story 4 (they finished things SO nicely in the 3rd one, why couldn't they have just left it to rest?), and the Incredibles made in 2004, with a sequel set to be released in 2019 (although I'll admit this is one sequel I'm excited about!).
    But I agree, the first one was great, and unless it's a really suburb sequel, they need to let it go :P

  • No cuz it would be repetitive. There's also no revenue from merchandising for that movie.


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