Music suggestions?

I'm looking for some feel good music
I've for some depressing music, jazz and a hit of rap.
Any genre is fine!


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  • Depressing? Tears Of Laughter by Diary of Dreams, brilliant song.

    • I've got plenty of depressing.
      Got anything more light-hearted?

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    • Nice!
      Thanks mate!

    • Welcome. :)
      Try Everything's Gonna Be Alright by Enrique Iglesias for something really upbeat.

  • This is mostly catchy rap.. But some of my favorites.

    -Just to feel wanted -tuka
    -G. R. I. N. D. -asher roth
    -Corona and lime -swayze
    -Be by myself -asher roth
    -catch me if you can -outasight
    -changed my luck -ordinary peoples
    -days i remember -matlock
    -taken off -cam meekins
    -sharks -cam meekins
    -The best day -atmosphere
    -yesterday -atmosphere
    -sunshine -atmosphere
    -Im alright -jake miller

    • Thanks a lot mate!

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    • I think I'll take you up on the offer

    • Lol np

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  • You know how the genre, metal?
    That. And all of it.

    • Any particular bands?
      I have a few Lordi songs already.

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    • Thanks a ton mate, I'll give em a listen!

    • No problem man, hope it all sounds good!

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