For those male GAGers who are martial artists or have experience in martial arts, have you ever made the mistake of?

taking a highly experienced and skilled female martial artist very lightly during sparring/training by mistake?

As someone who competed in amateur boxing (although not really a martial art but a combat sport) and trained in BJJ for a couple of years (being a Blue Belt), I made that mistake twice (one in boxing and one in BJJ). When I started boxing and sparred for the first time, I sparred with this one female welterweight boxer who's a golden glove champ and a top 10 nationally ranked boxer in her gender and weight division and went too slow and light on my punches until she overwhelmed me with high volume of fast punch combos at close range at a rentless pace (I wasn't seriously hurt but I looked foolish).

In my first time training in BJJ (starting off as a white belt), I only did a few holds and mount transitions effortlessly on a female brown belt and she out-grappled me and made me tapped out many times (luckily she's a very nice lady and just wanted to help me out by working with me more and taught me to stop caring about my manhood and what other people at the MMA gym think of me getting beat up by a girl).

Have any of you guys ever experienced this or ladies, have you ever been taken very lightly by inexperienced males in a martial art?

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  • I'm a female and I've experience this with guys before in martial arts training
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  • Haha yes, it's kinda fun seeing the surprise. I've gotten an "ohhhhh shit girl!" before. (But then he beat me after he started grappling more seriously) BUT I still got the first round lol


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  • Nope because I helped get one to the level where she is now.

    And with that she's actually better than me now haha. I got lazy.

    Also meant to vote no lol.

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