What are two or more songs that you are not able to get out of your fucking head right now?

Mine are these two songs


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  • Kosaken hey, hey, hey leert die Gläser! Natascha ha, ha, ha, du bist schön! Towarisch hey, hey, hey, auf das Leben! Auf dein Wohl Bruder, hey Bruder ho! Moskau, Moskau wirf die Gläser an die Wand, Russland ist ein schönes Land, ho, ho, ho, ho, hey!

    • Ohh not sure what your wrote in your comment but thanks for replying

    • It's lyrics from the song. :D It basically says...
      Cossacks hey hey hey raise your glasses, hey hey. Natasha ha ha ha you're beautiful, ha ha
      Comrade toast to life! to your health brother, hey brother, ho, hey hey hey hey! Moscow, Moscow, throw your glasses at the wall. Russia is a beautiful country, ho ho ho ho ho, hey!

    • Oh okk Lol

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