Embarrassment I can't get out of, please help?

So I'm 13 years old and I tried out for a play, and I got in 3 choruses (a total of 5 dances) which is kinda bad but anyway.

I got into the froglett chorus (the play is honk, and there is ages 8-18 in it) in which I am literally the tallest and oldest person in it. The average age in the froglett chorus is probably 9, and there tallest girl other then me is about 5 inches shorted then me!!!

Its so embarrassing, there is only 1 other 13 year old in it, and she's probably 5-7 inches shorter. Please please help. My Mom probably won't let me quit it, help!!

(Btw, I know the grammar is horrible in this, and trust me I'm usually better at grammar, but I'm rushing and I'm tired)
My two other roles are awesome but this one is horrible :(


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  • A. Tell your mom the truth
    B. Say you are horrible and you are more interested in something else (figure out what you are better at)... actually join another thing!!

    • I have, my Mom won't let me out of it 😥

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    • I saw, and you'll do great as one :)

    • Aw, thanks!! 👍 Hope I helped!

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