Eurovison fanboys and fangirls why do you like Eurovision so much?

It's not even a song contest. They don't even sing live. And it's just vocal-pop.

Honestly I believe whoever enjoys Eurovision should check his/her ears. It's not normal.


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  • remember Loreen? She was number 1 here and in many other countries

    Common Linnets did had a hit because of the songfestival in many european countries and because of the songfestival had many concerts in Europe

    I agree many songs aren't good (can also be a matter of taste) but there are always good songs too

    • does that mean you agree with me?

    • Haha as I told you I just wanted someone to post so I can close it.

      And nope I'm not a fan of Eurovisionish songs.

    • I don;t really think are such songs, it's just music and you cna like a song or not

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