Can you please give a serious critique of this short film?


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  • If this person's behavior is serious and he is not an actor, I would say he has problem with food->dopamine hormone.

    When people eat, usually they experience satisfaction, pleasure, because brain releases dopamine hormone (hormone of happiness, same hormone is released during positive sexual intercourse). That's why many people, when feel depressed, start to eat more and gain weight. They seek pleasure, release from depressive, negative feeling/emotion.
    I can see similar characteristic in the person in the video - overweight.

    Also in this case his overreaction (if this is not an actor) shows, that this person has acquired some psychic problem in this chain food->pleasure (due to dopamine).

    What has lead to this hard to say. Genetic predisposition, depression, pure addiction to pleasure (from food, dopamine).

  • I can not due to my brain is full of idiot when I watch it.

  • You could never get into a good film school.

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