Favorite Songs?

My favorite song changes very frequently, about every week haha.
My favorite songs currently are the Grass Ain't Greener by Chris Brown and Into You by Ariana Grande. Whats your favorite song old or new, how frequently to you change it, and does it have a special meaning to you?


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  • My favorite song also changes pretty frequently depending on my mood and what's currently going on in my life. Right now they're:
    Coming Over - Dillon Francis and Kygo
    Never Be Like You - Flume ft. Kai
    I'm really into Coming Over cause the guy I'm interested in is far away from me and Never Be Like You is just really catchy and I can kinda relate


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  • Haha I remember asking a similar question before. My favourite also changes pretty quickly depending on what I feel like. The top ones would be:
    Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know
    Eden - Billie Jean
    Eden - Wake Up
    Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc.
    La Roux - Bulletproof


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