How much did you enjoy Captain America: Civil War compared to the Marvel Comics Civil War event?

  • Great! Even better that the comics.
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  • A bit better than the comics.
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  • No competition! The comics leave the MCU in the dust!
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  • The overall story in the movie was better, in spite having way fewer characters. It wasn't as bloated. Sure, it didn't have Wolverine or Namor in it; but it didn't need to. The absence of SHIELD was hardly missed either. Maria Hill didn't turn into a psycho bitch in the movie. I like that. Sharon Carter was a bit under-used, but still pretty good. It was nice to see War Machine actually do something. Even if he keeps getting the bum end of every stick.

    I also like that Tony never descends into mustache-twirling villainy in this. And his motives make more sense. Felt empty without Daredevil and the Punisher showing up to do anything; but I could live without them. The F4 obviously couldn't be in it; but they were fairly useless in the comic version, so they were hardly missed at all.

    I especially loved the reversal of ending: Tony is in his office, miserable, like in the comics; but isn't hated by literally everyone. Yet, Cap doesn't go to jail. He instead busts everyone else out. Cap is shown to have been in the right, whereas the comics imply Iron Man was right.

    They save Dr. Strange for later, something the comics couldn't do. Thus, they avoid the bad writing the comics needed in order to keep Strange out of the frame.

    Even so, I would've liked if Quake could have showed up at least once. She feels wasted being restricted to just the TV show.

    • You described exactly how I feel. Althought, the F4 weren't exactly useless in the comics. Tony and Reed actually created the Thor clone together and Invisible Women got everyone to shelter after he went unstable.

Most Helpful Girl

  • It was pretty different from the comics, but I still enjoyed it. I'm actually glad Tony wasn't a complete dick like in the comics


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