Greatest work of art, what are the best paintings of all time?

So what do you think are the best paintings of all time? What is your explanation for these paintings, how do you see them and what do you think?

you guys can add photos so everyone knows what we're talking about.


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  • I can't seem to choose any favorite paintings, but I certainly have a favorite artist. Bob Ross! 🎨
    His show was amazing in so many ways. He could paint something gorgeous in a matter of minutes, and teach well at the same time. He was also a very relaxing man. I have a DVD with episodes of it, and once fell asleep while watching it from feeling so very relaxed. heheh

    • You're a man of a great taste! I love Bob Ross's Art!

    • I learned recently he was in the Air Force or something when he was younger. It sure would be interesting to see a man like the one I know "beat the devil out of" some people. lol