Good graphics/drawing programs?

Here are the ones I have/tried:

Paint. net

and maybe a couple others but I cannot think of what theyre called.

Please let me know of some more programs I can try. They need to be pressure sensitive for my drawing tablet, and have layers and such.
Prefferably free, but Ill take what I get.

(Not photoshop. I do not have the kind of money photoshop demands)

Either an open source program or a relatively cheap one. Please.

Why do I have to repeat whats already been said?


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  • Well technically there are ways to get photoshop for free. Just go on youtubw and type in "photoshop CS6 free" and there will be tutorials on how to get a cracked version.

    • Actually I think you can even legally get photoshop cs2 for free.

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    • I'm also pretty sure that in the coding of whatever you make on a ripped program will show that the program is ripped.

      A lot of what I want to use it for is for professional reasons (I'm doing a traineeship) and they do check the coding to make sure that what I've given them is my original work and not just taken from the net and altered.
      So there's that as well. I don't know if that is in fact a thing, but I'd rather not take the chance and risk it.

    • I guess, better safe than sorry.

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  • What do you plan on using it for?

    • Drawing, editing images, creating textures, digital painting.

      A whole range of things, both for academic purposes and for personal use.

    • Does "academic purposes" mean you're currently a student @BaileyisDarcy? Have you looked into student pricing for PS? I'm not sure if they off such a thing for sure, but sometimes it can be a pretty significant discount. Because you just named all the best free/cheep alternatives that I know of that are popular (which equates to) readily maintained, relatively bug-free, etc. I'm sure there are thousands of applications out there but if they are going to act quirky and crash in the middle of a project or not hove as many features or be as compatible, or even just have a frustrating user-interface, then it's not going to be a pleasant experience for you. And if software existed that did have those problems they would be popular and you'd probably already have it. (Have you checked Soundforge for some at least from some open-source graphic design software?)

  • Sorry no


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