Is this a good laptop?

I currently have a 2010 macbook pro, and was thinking of buying a new computer- as this one can lag a bit if you are multitasking hard. The mac I would like would be a special order, so it would take a few weeks and be about $1500, the PC I am looking at is on sale and is a dell inspiron 13 from the microsoft store

is this a good one? it is looking pretty good to me- as i have done research on it


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  • For $999 you can get a laptop with a little bit better specs and quality as that particular model has a poorly designed touch screen that has touch problems Hear is a better laptop for about $100, has the same processor and ram as the Dell you looked but it has double the hard drive space and has nvidia graphics instead slower Intel graphics the Dell has, plus it has better build quality.

    Also hear is another great laptop that's the same prices as the Dell, features a little bit faster processor, nvidia graphics, double the ram, and a 1 terabyte hard drive (non SSD hard drive)

  • It's 'okay'...

    Very small hard-drive (yes it's a SSD, but 250gb is nothing),

    Only 8gb ram which is average-to-below for that price range,
    There is also no dedicated graphics which may sound irrelevant, but so many programs nowadays use your GPU. If you couple that with only 8gb ram, that's going to be a bottle-neck for your computer and also hamper your CPU performance.

    Lastly... touch screen/win10/dell... get ready for some driver issues.

    It'll probably multi-task CPU intensive tasks decently... but if you throw in a need for GPU processes, it'll slow everything down and you're going to be dissatisfied.

    If you're budget is $1500, you can DEFINITELY find a much better rig.

    • p. s. I'd never buy anything that only has a 13inch screen... which is just a personal thing, but I find it strains my eyes staring at a small screen for long periods of time.

    • what is one you would you reccommend? I would be looking for good battery life (6h+) and like enough power to youtube, and some basic games like league (so multitasking)

    • Oh, I don't know.

      Maybe look at some ASUS ROG units , Acer Aspires, or something from Toshiba...

      However for league and youtube, anything in the $500 range will perform those sorts of tasks smooth as butter. League will run at 60fps on a potato.

      When you said multi-task I was thinking along the lines of post-processing and browsing.

      However, if you're intent on spending $1000-1500 then you're getting a real laptop and basically just want to look for 6-7th gen i7s, 16GB ram, SSD WITH an additional HD, and dedicated graphics of around 2-4gb... once you find those things, then you look for your easy-of-life features like ports, weight/size, battery life, keyboard, numerical keypad, etc...

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