Are phone recordings of my voice accurate?

To my ear, I think I sound great at singing, my voice sounds deep and I can sing a wide range of notes. But I recorded myself on my phone and I sound completly different. My voice is still in tune and all the notes are there but it sounds high-pitched, extremely feminine, breathy and young. I sound like a little girl.
It doesn't sound bad on recording but compared to what I hear by ear, its terrible.
The last time I sang in front of an audience they were all amazed and I had nothing but compliments but I just dont know anymore.


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  • Record someone else's voice.. Do they sound the same?

    • I tried it and nobodys voice sounded the same. They were either deeper or higher-pitched like me, but they did sound similar. I feel so much better about myself, thanks :-) !

    • Everyone hates their voices on tape :D

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  • Yes and no. The voice you hear of yourself when you talk and shit is different from what others hear. This has to do with the way sound waves travel and reverberate of things vs through a medium like space. Also, your skull distorts the voice you hear of yourself, along with a few other things that a physicist or a doctor can better explain. When you hear a recording, it takes out certain things and distorts your voice even further


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