What do you consider Hard Rock and what do you consider Metal?

Which of these bands do you consider Hard Rock and which do you consider Metal?

Def Leppard

Iron Maiden

Judas Priest


Motley Crue

Quiet Riot



Twisted Sister

Van Halen


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  • Def Leppard : Rock
    Iron Maiden : Heavy Metal
    Judas Priest : Heavy Metal
    Krokus : don't know never heard of them
    Motley Crue : Hard Rock / Hard FM
    Quiet Riot : Hard Rock
    Saxon : don't know never heard them
    Scorpions : Hard Rock
    Twisted Sister : Glam Metal (like Kiss)
    Van Halen : Hard Rock

    • I'm surprised nobody knew Saxon so far. Anyway see bryon's comment about who are they.

      As for Twisted Sister and Kiss... I don't think they were Glam Metal. Glam Metal were bands like Bon Jovi or Europe I guess.

    • no... metal is harder than rock... bon jovi is rock twisted sister is metal

  • Def Leppard = Hard Rock
    Iron Maiden = Metal
    Judas Priset = Metal
    Krocus = Hard Rock
    Motley Crue = Hard Rock
    Quiet Riot = Hard Rock
    Saxon = don't know them lol
    Scorpions = Metal
    Twisted Sister = Hard Rock
    Van Halen = Hard Rock

    • Saxon are a NWOBHM and they were among the most popular along with Def Leppard and Iron Maiden back in the early 80s. Although their "rivals" managed to make it in America, Saxon failed having any success there, despite the fact they were popular in the UK and all around Europe.

      As for your definition of Metal and Hard Rock what is it? Mine would be Metal has more "wild" vocals and it's more fast-paced.

    • *NWOBHM band

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  • Basically everything is Hard Rock.

    Iron Maiden and Judas Priest are on the cusp... so either really...

    Some of those I don't know - Krokus, Wuiet Riot and Saxon... so no idea about those.

    • I already explained who Saxon are to the other guy who posted here. Krokus are a Swiss Hard Rock band, pretty similar with Scorpions, and Quiet Riot are an American Hard Rock band (sometimes they are defined as Glam Metal as well), mostly famous for their songs Metal Health, and Cum On Feel The Noise (a Slade's cover)

    • So all hard rock then?
      Except Iron Maiden and Judas Priest which are on the cusp.

    • Thank you =)

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  • hard rock = boston

    metal = metallica

    • Boston were labelled as Melodic Rock.

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