Should I get Uncharted 4 or Doom?

Please no xbox fan boys.
  • Uncharted 4
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  • Doom
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  • I'm not a fan boy or even an owner of ANY xboxes.

    But I do like Doom because that's how I got into free Mods, and tons of free stuff and downloads from their respective communities unlike how nowadays we constantly have DLCs and microtransactions in place of fan-made custom content that are freely distributed and shared.

    And IIRC, the PC version of the new Doom supports level editing and new custom made maps or something, so that adds to the replay value and therefor it gets my vote. Forgot if the console versions will also receive such features but if it did, then great, as it's about damn time.

  • both i would say :D but get uncharted 4 its awesome as hell, im also gonna get it when it'll get a little cheap.

    • doom is also awesome.

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    • It was the original one I was thinking of getting. But Doom looks like dumb fun.

    • hmm, well doom is a great game too

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